Queens Flameproofing, a leader in the fire prevention industry, has been serving the Metro New York City area and beyond for over 50 years. Our reputation has been built on quality service, comprehensive experience, and professional performance. Having an in-depth knowledge of the latest flameproofing techniques and FDNY fire regulations, Queens Flameproofing is able to guarantee a thorough and skillful completion of fireproofing treatments to your business.

As a legal requirement, all businesses must have their establishment properly flameproofed. This means that decorative items such as curtains, drapes, scenery, hangings, wood, etc. must be either sprayed with or soaked in fire retardants. Performing these applications is our specialty, and we do so in a way that takes the utmost care of your property. Queens Flameproofing uses the most up-to-date techniques and the safest materials to make sure you and all those who come on the premise are kept safe from the threat of fire.

We can safely, effectively, and thoroughly flameproof your bar, restaurant, hotel, nightclub, theater or other place of business according to the FDNY fire safety codes.

A large majority of our work is performed in the Metro NYC area, giving us an extensive familiarity with FDNY regulations. While Queens is our primary service area, we use our expertise to also serve all the boroughs of NYC (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx) as well as Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, and Connecticut.


At Queens Flameproofing, our priority is to serve our neighborhoods by protecting them from the risk of fire. We do this by seeing that businesses in our area are correctly flameproofed, so that in the unfortunate event of a fire, this tragedy does not devastate our entire community. As leaders in the industry, we professionally fireproof items that are typically flammable so that they are no longer combustible. By treating common items such as drapes, curtains, and wood with fire retardants, the disastrous effects of a fire are significantly minimized or eliminated. We use our expertise to ensure that public buildings throughout Queens are protected from the devastations of fire, and the way we do this is by helping businesses comply with current flameproofing fire codes and laws.

Queens Flameproofing is a valid Certificate of Fitness holder, sanctioned by the FDNY. We are licensed and insured to perform our flameproofing services. By applying flame repellents to decorative items in public buildings such as hotels, theaters, nightclubs, restaurants, trade shows, and department stores, all those who visit, work, or live in Queens are protected from the tragedy of fire. We are able to treat any locations where the public gathers for instruction, entertainment, or assembly. As people are going about their business in Queens, we welcome the opportunity to use our mastery of flameproofing to keep them safe.


Businesses in Queens and all of New York City are required to have a valid, current affidavit indicating that their property has been suitably flameproofed and all required items on the premises have been treated with fire retardants. If your business is in need of this crucial affidavit, Queens Flameproofing can issue you this document upon completion of our treatments at your business establishment.

In the same way a business is required to have a flameproofing affidavit to be operational, a business may be closed down for a flameproofing violation. Queens Flameproofing can also help you resolve this issue. This problem can be easily rectified usually with 24 hours by having required items at your establishment treated with flame repellents. Once we perform our services, we are able to give you a valid flameproofing affidavit, demonstrating to the satisfaction of the FDNY, the Building Department, the Health Department and insurance carriers that you are now in compliance with FDNY regulations.


As a premier flameproofing outfit since 1968, Queens Flameproofing has a flawless reputation for serving the community with outstanding service at competitive prices. We put you, the customer, first, scheduling our treatments at times that are convenient for you and offering services both on-site and off-site.

Our home office is located in Queen County. We are proud to service our clients throughout the New York Metropolitan area, including Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan. We also provide flameproofing services to Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Queens Flameproofing has certifications and memberships to back up our good name in New York City. In addition to holding a valid Certificate of Fitness issued by the FDNY, authorizing us to perform our flameproofing treatments, we also are members in good standing with the Fire Safety Director’s Association as well as the Hotel Association of New York City. These qualifications, combined with our expert, professional skills allow us to provide outstanding service to Queens and all of NYC.

At Queens Flameproofing, we offer superior service at fair prices. Through our flameproofing measures, we protect your nightclub, bar, hotel, theater, restaurant or other place of business from the devastations of fire and assist you in complying with fire safety requirements put forth by the FDNY.

It is our privilege to serve Queens and all of the Metro NYC area. Please call us today at 800-972-5587 to receive a free, no-obligation estimate.