What does the term ‘flameproofing’ mean?

Flameproofing is a procedure where combustible items such as decorations, drapes, and curtains receive flame repellent treatments so they no longer support combustion, as required by the FDNY.

Are fireproofing and flameproofing two different things?

Fireproofing and flameproofing are synonymous. However, ‘flameproofing’ is the term that is used by the FDNY.

What am I required to flameproof?

The FDNY, along with the Health Department and the Building Department, requires that all materials that are used for artistic enhancement such as decorations, drapes, curtains, scenery, hangings, and wood need to be correctly treated with fire retardants, or they must be inherently non-combustible. This regulation would apply to any public gathering location used for entertainment, instruction, or assembly such as hotels, bars, restaurants, catering halls, nightclubs, theaters, trade shows, and department stores.

What fire retardants do you use for flameproofing?

The only sprays that we use for flameproofing are ones that have been authorized by the FDNY. A flameproofing company that treats materials with fire retardants is required to carry a valid Certificate of Fitness given out by the FDNY. In order for the FDNY to issue this certificate, the company is required to only use sprays that are sanctioned by the FDNY.

Where do you perform flameproofing treatments?

The most efficient and easiest way for us to perform our flameproofing treatments is at your location. This will minimize any extra expense and time that would be required if items were removed and then later had to be re-installed. However, if a customer desires items to be flameproofed off-site, we certainly can accommodate him or her.

When do you perform your flameproofing treatments?

Queens Flameproofing prides ourself in being able to perform our services at any time, but our preferred time is during off-hours when the business is closed

Am I required to have my business flameproofed?

Most definitely, yes. Flameproofing is a legal requirement for any business location where the public gathers. This regulation is set forth by the FDNY, the Health Department, the Building Department, as well as insurance carriers. Every business owner is required to hold valid and current flameproofing affidavit in order for the business location to be open to the public and operational. Queens Flameproofing is able to provide this affidavit after we flameproof your property, usually within 24 hours.

How do you flameproof an item?

For an item to be flameproofed, it is either sprayed with or soaked in flame repellents.

What is the cost involved to have my business location flameproofed?

The cost of flameproofing a business location is determined by the accessibility of the items, the numbers and kinds of items that need treatment, and the amount of retardants that would be used for the job.

How do I show that my business has been flameproofed?

You will be issued a flameproofing affidavit upon completion of the flameproofing treatments, usually within 24 hours. Only a company that carries a valid Certificate of Fitness issued by the FDNY can give out this affidavit. Your affidavit will display the company’s Certificate of Fitness number as well as the name of the FDNY-sanctioned treatment that was used. An affidavit with these items on it is valid and will serve as proof of the flameproofing treatments.

How often do I need to have my business property flameproofed?

By FDNY standards, a flameproofing affidavit is valid for one year. This being the case, a business will need to have flameproofing treatments performed annually. However, if any items were dry-cleaned or washed, the affidavit is void, and the flameproofing treatments need to be repeated.

How soon can you help me resolve my flameproofing violation?

Queens Flameproofing is able to soak or spray your materials with flame repellents and then issue you a valid flameproofing affidavit within 24 hours of initial contact. This document will resolve any flameproofing violations you may have received.

What should I look for in a high-quality flameproofing company?

A reliable flameproofing company must carry a valid Certificate of Fitness issued by the FDNY in order to distribute flameproofing affidavits. It must also be licensed and insured with both liability insurance as well as Workers’ Compensation. A quality flameproofing business should be willing to guarantee its work, be available to perform services at convenient times for the customer, and should be knowledgeable and skillful in the latest information and practices. Here at Queens Flameproofing, we meet these criteria.