Trends in Workplace Fires

When most of us leave our homes in the morning to go to work, we are likely not thinking that we will encounter a fire. But after homes, the workplace is the most likely place a fire will occur. This shouldn’t be a surprise to us; throughout the course of the day, most people are either at home or at work. And when humans are present, you have human error. While workplace fires aren’t especially common, for some this will be a reality. Relevant information regarding workplace fires can be an important first step in preventing them.

How a Fire Burns

If you've been in the unfortunate circumstance where you've experienced a fire, you know what a traumatic ordeal that can be. Few things strike fear in the heart like a fire. Once the dust and ashes settle, you might even begin to wonder how the fire actually started. While many things can act as fuel for the fire, there actually is a simple formula that addresses what it takes for a fire to ignite and burn. By having that information, you can prevent fires in the future.

The Real Data Regarding U.S. Fires

When it comes to what occupies real estate in our minds, I'd venture to guess that, likely, fires aren't a top thought or even concern. Thankfully, fires are relatively rare, and that only goes to demonstrate that our fire prevention methods truly do work. However, it would be a wise move on our part to look at the actual situation and occurrences of fires in our country - if only to help us see how we can be better prepared.

The Anatomy of a Fire

Have you ever personally experienced a fire in your home or another building? If so, you know firsthand the trauma that brings. Once the whole ordeal was behind you and you were finally safe, maybe you've thought, "How did that fire start? What caused it?" While there's an endless list of things that can ignite a fire, there's a certain formula of elements that needs to be in place if a fire is going to start and grow. It's true that sometimes after a fire, you may want to put it behind you; however understanding what fuels a fire can prevent one in the future.

What's the General Public's Role in Staying Safe in Public Places?

Most of us would acknowledge the fact that it's incredibly essential for those who are attempting to accomplish a common goal to support each other and work collectively  - whether that's a creating a project, executing a new plan, or beginning a significant improvement that has far-reaching effects. The same is true when we're discussing community safety. It takes the entire village to engage and have eyes open if we're to be safe from every kind of danger and threat.