Queens Flameproofing has been owned and operated by our family since the 1960s. As we have passed the mantle of leadership down from one generation to the next, we take great care in seeing that our values of reliability, professionalism, excellence, and affordability remain embedded in our company. We are proud of the fact that we do not outsource our work to other parties nor do we diversify our business; flameproofing is our one and only job, and we do all the work ourselves. Because of these values, Queens Flameproofing has earned a reputation as an industry leader. Working hard to stay up-to-date with the latest information and best practices, we provide quality flameproofing treatments that meet all FDNY standards.

As a family that values integrity and standing behind your word, Queens Flameproofing is dedicated to providing excellent service, rapid response times, and a professional, qualified staff. We believe that the character of a company is just as important as the work it does, and at Queens Flameproofing, we strive to be excellent in both.

Queens Flameproofing has obtained the high standards and qualifications to perform our services in NYC. We hold an FDNY-sanctioned Certificate of Fitness, allowing us to perform flame repellent treatments. This certificate also authorizes us to issue flameproofing affidavits to indicate that a business property has been effectively and correctly treated. Additionally, we are members of the Fire Safety Director’s Association and the Hotel Association of New York City. Both of these memberships expose us to the most current practices and the latest facts, data, and news in regards to flameproofing. Queens Flameproofing is also fully licensed and insured for flameproofing treatments.


At Queens Flameproofing, we are specialists who aid companies in meeting rigorous FDNY flameproofing codes. As experts in our industry, we successfully and easily help businesses resolve outstanding flameproofing violations. A solution as simple as treating required materials such as wood, decorations, curtains, drapes, etc. with fire retardants allows a business to come into compliance with FDNY regulations.

We also aid new businesses in their efforts to secure their Certificate of Occupancy, a necessary document to be open for business. In the same way, by treating eligible items with flame repellents, we can issue flameproofing affidavits that satisfy the Building Department, the Health Department, and the FDNY so a Certificate of Occupancy can be granted.


As industry leaders, Queens Flameproofing exists to serve our local communities by keeping them safe from the devastations of fire. Whether by helping businesses correct flameproofing violations or by providing flameproofing affidavits to new and existing businesses, Queens Flameproofing is here to serve. As we skillfully and professionally flameproof pubic gathering places such as restaurants, bars, catering halls, hotels, theaters and the like, we are keeping our city and our communities safe. Our flameproofing treatments of drapes, wood, curtains, hangings and other decorative items serve a larger purpose of protecting all visitors and residents of Queens from the tragic effects of fire.

We at Queens Flameproofing have been dedicated to professionalism, excellence, and affordability for over 50 years. Providing service to Queens and all the NYC boroughs, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island, we daily strive to make the Metro NYC area safe from the risk of fire.

Queens Flameproofing is able to provide for all your flameproofing needs. Please call us today at 800-972-5587 to receive a free, no-obligation estimate.