How Flameproofing Can Save Lives in a Fire

When a person decides that he or she wants to go into business, it doesn't take long before a pile of technicalities builds up - a logistical mountain of practical, legal, and safety issues. And that's just in the beginning, before he or she can even open the doors. There's more and more to attend to once things get rolling. In the safety category, for certain, 'fire safety' will need to be attended to, and within that, the FDNY will require a flameproofing affidavit - proof that flammable decorative items have been treated with fire retardants. That may feel like just another bothersome item to check off the list, but today we want to encourage business owners and help them see that flameproofing really can be a lifesaving measure, in the event of a fire.

First, it's important to understand how flameproofing works. The first thing to sort out is which items are required to be flameproofed and which ones can be excluded because they are already inherently flame resistant. Once that is determined, a flameproofing company will come and soak or coat necessary items with fire-retardant compounds. The FDNY, the Building Department, the Health Department as well as insurance carriers all require this, as this is an important factor in minimizing the damage and extent of a fire, should one occur. The flameproofed items may burn, but they are non-combustible and won't contribute to the spread and severity of the fire. Not only that, because it's a slower burn that's not spreading, there's time for people to evacuate as well as for the fire department to arrive.

As a general observation, a majority of the fires are accidental. That being the case, flameproofing provides that next-level protection that will save lives and valuable assets if a fire does unintentionally break out. This isn't to say that flameproofed items won't change in form or be damaged, but it is saying that they won't be a significant factor in the intensity and spread of the flames. This greatly helps in preventing extensive damage from fire as well as preserving human life.

In the U.K., this theory was tested. The Scientific American published an article, and it noted that there were fewer deaths associated with fires when fire retardants were in use and when flameproofing treatments had been applied prior to the fires. Because of these treatments, lives were preserved at both business locations and homes.

At Queens Flameproofing, we fully concur with the evidence of this study, and we personally have seen just how impactful flameproofing treatments can be. We 100% agree that treating objects and materials with fire retardants will preserve human life and that property damage from fires is less extensive where this has occurred. Queens Flameproofing has been protecting all 5 boroughs of New York City as well as the Greater New York Metro area for over 5 decades with our flameproofing treatments. We'd be pleased to add your business to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers. If you have flameproofing questions, concerns or needs, we'd love to talk. Call today so we can connect and offer you a complimentary, no-obligation quote as well: 800-972-5587,

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