The Finer Details of Protecting a Hotel from Fire

Booking a hotel and visiting one of the most exciting cities in the world, New York City, is something many people have on their bucket list. The Big Apple has a historic reputation for the best food, theater, and tourist attractions. Because of this, the hotel industry is one of the most lucrative in our city, and it is a huge contributor to the city's economy. Since hotels are so active here, they must follow strict guidelines in order to protect their guests, specifically from the threat of fire. An accidental fire in a hotel is a catastrophic event, and that's why hotels must closely adhere to legal mandates.

For a hotel to be operational, it has to have the proper permits  - which means it must meet the requirements of the FDNY, the Building Department, and the Health Department. Among items on an enormous list of requirements is the mandate of flameproofing. Flameproofing is when objects and materials used for artistic enhancement must either be treated with fire retardants or they need to be inherently flame-resistant. Items that fall into this category would be curtains, drapes, carpets, upholstery, greens, hangings, holiday decor, etc. If a fire were to occur in the hotel, those items would burn, but they wouldn't be combustible, meaning they are non-factors in the spread and severity of the fire and help keep it contained.

In addition to flameproofing, there are other fire safety measures in hotels. Smoke detectors are required in every guest room. If there's a fire in the building, all the rooms would be alerted and told to vacate the building. Hotels are also built with firewalls between each room. This fireproof sheetrock prevents an existing fire from spreading to the adjacent rooms, which could result in setting the whole building on fire. In addition, automatic fire sprinklers are required as well as clearly marked fire exits and an adequate number of emergency egress exits.

No hotel owner ever expects to have a fire, but by making sure these mandates are followed, we can hope for the best possible outcome should an accidental fire occur. At Queens Flameproofing, we are proud to work with hotel owners in this borough and all over New York City and the Greater Metro NY area. Through our flameproofing treatments, we are proud to play our part in protecting New York City hotels and other public gathering locations from fire.

If your hotel or other business is in need of flameproofing, please call us today. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote: 800-972-5587.

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