The 411 on Flame Resistant Paint

In just a matter of seconds, a small accident can turn into a small fire can turn into a raging inferno. It doesn't take long at all. There are many catalysts that can ignite a fire - some predictable and some just a strange string of coincidences. Either way, it doesn't take much for a fire to become a major catastrophe. Since the outcome of a fire can be so tragic, it's imperative that every preventative measure that can be taken actually is taken. These efforts can go a long way in saving life and property. Most people are aware of smoke detectors, automatic sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and even flame-resistant materials. But did you know about fire-resistant paint and coatings? That will be the topic of our discussion today.

On the market today, you can find coatings and paints that have Class A and Class B flame spread ratings. It's as easy as walking into Home Depot or other hardware stores and purchasing these specialized, flame-resistant paints. These paints are offered in several different colors - white, black, and custom-mixed to essentially any color that you want. Another attractive aspect of these kinds of paints is that you can also use them as a primer. By doing something as simple as using a special type of paint, you've now added another layer of protection to your home or business in the event of a fire.

Another great thing about using fire-resistant paint is that this paint will stick to a variety of different surfaces. Most of the time, we associate paint with walls, but you can also use this kind of paint on wood and other types of decorations as well. When you use flame resistant paint, you've upped the level of fire protection in your home or office because that many more things are now flameproofed.

Flame-resistant paint comes not only in 'paint' with color in it, but you can also choose the sheen you would like as well - a matte or clear semi-gloss with Class B protection. You can also choose a fire-resistant clear coat, which is a great option for objects and materials you want to protect but not necessarily paint or add color to. With sticking power to surfaces such as cardboard, fiberboard, plasterboard or greenery, you've now added a multitude of possibilities of objects and materials you can now protect.

Most people think of flameproofing as a complicated process. It's really not, even when professionals come in and do it. But what's nice about flame-resistant paint is that anyone can use it, and it adds so much more protection from fire than just the traditional methods alone.

At Queens Flameproofing, we are here for your professional needs, and we are here to support all your other flameproofing efforts. Every little action taken in fire protections keeps all of our neighborhoods and communities safer. If you have any questions regarding anything related to flameproofing or fire resistant materials, please call. We love to answer questions, and we can also offer you a free, no-obligation quote on services you might in need of: 800-972-5587.

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