What You Should Know about Flameproofing and Special Events

While there can be a lot of monotony involved in owning a business, one exciting aspect is the opportunity to host a special event. Running a promotional celebration adds excitement and interest, hopefully opening up new doors of revenue. Hosting a special event as a business owner is no small deal, but when done safely and correctly, it pays huge dividends. There are many things that need to be attended to, and one thing on that list is public safety - including fire safety. If you’re running a promotional event, the temporary scenery, decorations, and structures that are used are required to be flameproofed in order to be FDNY compliant. Today we’ll discuss what that does and doesn’t mean.

What's Involved in Flameproofing Scenery

As those who live and work in New York City, the theater is part of the fiber that makes us who we are. Many business owners in NYC are involved in the theater in some way or another. If that’s you, you know how important safety precautions are in this industry.  In America’s past, there have been some significant fires in theaters; fortunately, fire safety has come a long way, and fires are not the norm. This is largely due to effective flameproofing techniques. Today’s post will specifically discuss flameproofing scenery in our NYC theaters.

FDNY Guidelines for Flameproofing Decorations

For better or for worse, we live in a culture where a lot rides on appearance.  Whether it’s our clothing or car or home, people often assess value by how something looks.  It’s really no different when you’re a business owner. When customers walk into a store or restaurant or business office, they are subconsciously assessing the business by appearance.  So, it's not surprising that business owners put a lot of energy into decorating the business space. While having an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere is important, so is the safety of the atmosphere as well.  That’s where flameproofing comes in. There are certain flameproofing requirements for the decorations at your business. Today we’ll discuss what those regulations are.

The Particulars of Treating Materials with Fire Retardants

Have you ever watched a news report on TV about a fire and gotten a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach? It's always so hard to watch or hear about a tragedy like a devastating fire. Fortunately, horrific fires are not something we see every day. And primarily, that's because good fire prevention measures and tactics are at work and doing their magic. As a business owner in NYC, there are many things you are required to do by the FDNY in order to keep your business site safe from fire and compliant with laws. Having your facility flameproofed is just one of those things, and there are some specific regulations pertaining to what needs to be treated with fire retardants.  Today we will be discussing the particulars of these mandates.

Lessons from the Winecoff Hotel Fire, Atlanta, Georgia

Humanity is well acquainted with suffering. Since the dawn of time, we've experienced grief and heartaches that are sometimes very hard to understand and process. While tragedies often don't make sense, we can find some redemption if we look for the lessons within them and vow to do better. One tragic event in American history was the fire at the Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. While devastating, we have learned lessons from this tragedy that have helped make us safer from fires like this.