Common Questions about the Flameproofing Process

The responsibility of having your company property fireproofed according to the law and FDNY regulations is an essential one. It's so critical that lives may actually depend on this one action. There are many things that you as a business owner should be aware of when it comes to this important task of flameproofing. Today we are going to discuss some need-to-know items in regards to flameproofing. 

How Secondary Losses from a Fire Can Impact Your Business

When a business suffers a tragedy like a fire, there's a range of outcomes depending on the severity of the accident. On one side, a business may be completely devastated and require closing for weeks, even months. On the other side, the damages incurred could be minor, causing the recovery process to be tedious and inconvenient at worst. Severe or mild, a fire is always disruptive to a business. If your business encounters a fire and the damage is minor, there are still secondary losses to deal with even if there was no loss of life or major property damage. 

What You Should Know about the Laws Regarding Flameproofing

When it comes to starting a business, there are usually two sides: the fun side, with all of the planning, creativity, and ideas - and the logistical side, with all of the budgeting, systematizing, and safety issues. If a business is going to be one that actually succeeds, attention needs to be given to both sides of being in business. While safety is sometimes on the radar, fire safety might be closer to the edges.  The thought of flameproofing is somewhere on the perimeter, if there at all.  However, making sure a business is properly flameproofed is a requirement that has legal ramifications if not performed up to FDNY standards.

Why Do I Need Flameproofing, Exactly?

When someone decides to go into business, the agenda of things to accomplish is HUGE! It can seem like there is a never-ending stream of items to be addressed and boxes to check off the to-do list. Mixed in somewhere in that litany of details is public safety. Fire safety is a subset of public safety, and a subset of fire safety is flameproofing. Most new business owners aren't even aware that flameproofing is something they need to consider. It may seem like a good idea, but is it something that is really necessary? Today's discussion will address all the reasons why flameproofing is an important aspect of public and fire safety.